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This month involved time to consider the Theoretical Framework of this study- namely (1) Self-Determination Theory; (2) Situated Learning Theory; (3) Social Constructivist Theory (yes- have settled on this rather than “constructivism” as appreciate that the “social” aspect will be important to this study); and, while more a learning approach- (4) Problem Based Learning.

I met with a Uni Ethics advisor this month to try to tease out what might be some conflict-of-interest issues. Overall, while working with students he suggested that it should be fine as long as is (a) not graded; (b) that I lead the teaching of the groups (as primary researcher); and (c) focus groups (encouraged). That said, my supervisors have reassured me that others (i.e. research assistants) can be involved, however. As the PhD is more around pedagogy and development of educational design principles, I need to ensure that I am clear about this when it comes to writing up the ethics application. I do need to consider a cohort WHO I have no direct influence with- which may mean stepping away from physio- which does require some letting go as this is my passion and area of knowledge (and want to reap the rewards for…). Currently, the majority of evidence that is loosely around this topic is in nursing. Therefore, it might be best that I approach Occupational Therapy, or be more generic with the content (e.g. interprofessional handover or moving and handling). I am also considering WHEN the study is implemented- i.e. can critical thinking skills be introduced at Year One undergraduate?

On the topic of “design principles”- this has been somewhat internally contentious as I wrestle with moving from the realm of being the novice. Knowing that I am using Educational Design Research as my methodology, and only just opening the gate to the first phase (Analysis and Exploration), I do not feel that I “am allowed” to even suggest some tentative design principles- despite my supervisor suggesting otherwise. Herrington et al (2011) states:

“Creation of draft principles to guide the design of an intervention takes careful thought and analysis because of the need to consider relevant learning theories together with existing principles, as well as ideas from the practitioners.”

I guess it comes down to the sense of “locking it in” which I am hesitant at this point- am I informed enough? What happens if it changes? Is this seen as being reckless/ unwise?

Reassured at the next Supervisor meeting, I have jotted down some tentative design principles which are related back to the key objectives of the study (and therefore theoretical framework).

August saw me working quite feverishly on my nomination for Faculty Teaching Excellence Award- Innovation. An honour to be nominated (especially as was from someone outside of the School), and fortunately have a lot of reflection from my CMALT accreditation to contribute to this.

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