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Drafting an abstract

The first task is to write an abstract and share it with someone to get their feedback.

My current research focuses on three variables: Teamwork, language performance and language anxiety.

I am planning to write a journal article focusing on one variable to make it less complicated.

I will start writing the abstract tomorrow morning. Let’s see how it goes. Will update tomorrow.


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My goal was to submit the first complete draft in six months. Below is the timetable I set for my self. You can download one from

I am proud to say that I achieved my goal and submitted the first draft on the 26th of August to my supervisors.

I had given only one week to results (findings) chapter as I began writing during the data analysis stage. Hence, there were only cosmetics changes.

How I managed to submit within six months

I decided to go to university every single day (including weekends). First thing I would do is set my goals for the day. I had a goal to write a minimum of 500 words. Somedays I achieved somedays I didn’t. 1000 words turned into 10,000, and 10,000 words turned into 75,000 words. There were days where I was not motivated to write, but I pushed myself so that I could visit my family as soon as possible. After six months of hard work, I am finally flying home on the 5th of Sept.

For those who are struggling

Think of your end goal. It could be starting a new career, could be starting a new life with your partner or to visit your loved ones. These end goals do help.