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Howdy Folks

I have jumped past the third assessment activity to have a go at making a web page while I was on leave. It back fired a bit because I spent all my leave building at home, so now I am back at work again slotting in time between classes building a web page.

I googled web pages and at the top of the list was the google page creater. It is easy to use and I didn’t have too many blunders along the way. I did think that it was short of options to make my pages look semi professional  so I went with loud and colourful.

The links were easy to put in only because I have ben doing them all year. Pictures were easy to upload and edit while in the page itself.

All together a good learning experience but very time consuming.

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Talked to Terry and we had a discussion about further development ideas for my proposed course.

If I get the subject and break it down into skill set’s we can later on break these down into stand alone courses. As stand alone courses like the ones on the ausy toolboxes they can be chopped up rather than one full unit.

The idea of this is to have the option to deliver the courses in smaller packages. For example a client may well only want to learn how to interpret symbols on working drawings. The NZ national cert. may mean nothing to them so they won’t care if they get a qualification from it or not from it. 

Potentialy later we can sell these smaller courses more easily to other poly’s or overseas organisations.

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The unit standard that I want to  enhance the delivery of is US13035.
Unit Standard – 13035 Level 4, Credit 4Demonstrate Knowledge of Working Drawings, Specifications and Quantity Lists 
Seven guiding Principles
Some More Guiding Principles
1.      Carefully choose what type of technology to use to suit the learner and their context.
2.      Have a back up system if the one you were going to use goes horribly wrong.  
3.      Choose technologies that are widely used, reliable and well supported.
4.      Use systems that give the maximum time for students to get feedback
My plan is to take this unit and make the students that use it pleased that they had. Using the theories above I want to make the assessment activity easier to follow and give the students help to find learning material.
 Learner outcomes
People credited with this unit standard are, for a building of two storeys, able to: determine work to be done from given working drawings; and determine required materials from given working drawings and specifications.
  Competence in this unit standard indicates compliance with current trade practice.      Current trade practice refers to the ability to work unsupervised, demonstrating knowledge and skills that reflect the productivity, uniformity, finish quality and material economies currently accepted within industry.

The red bits I have highlighted are the bits that I want to focus on. Current trade practice is what builders that are good enough to train an apprentice are supposed to be doing.  So if the builders are practicing good trade practice let the apprentice see what he is doing as far as plan and specification reading and explain that to the assessor. The working drawings and specifications are in laymen’s terms the plans that builders use to build a house.
What I want to do with that is develop it into a set of questions that the apprentice has to answer based on what he is doing on site. The outcomes will then be matched by what real life situations the apprentice will be experiencing. The unit standard its self will be learnt over a longer period of time but with less paper based learning.

Learning activities
Principle idea 3: Encouraging Active Learning &
Principle idea 5: Spend More Time on Task and Reduce Wasted Time
I want to get the student to spend more time answering questions about the current job he is working on or a job that the student has recently worked on. This way the student is almost thinking about working it out during work time rather that his own time. They can also start to think about possible effects of drawn communication breaking down and not following a standard drawing procedure.  
The content of the material that I want to put together is a simple explanation of what the trainee notes currently explain. At the moment the notes are great but they need to get the student to think about what they are doing at work rather than adding an extra work space into their busy lives. Using a CD rom and hard copy of material I want to get the students some examples of:1.      Things that don’t work and why2.      Confusing drawings3.      Help with answering questions4.      Places to find out more E.g. References, web sites, books and videos5.      Video footage of parts of classes that we run.6.      Other explanations in drawing format, spoken word and written.   
There is currently an assessment which is a good set of questions based on a set of working drawing of a fictitious house. The questions are puzzling and cause students currently to cause brain haemorrhages during classes. They are too complex and require full and proper explanations to the students. What I want to do is create a set of questions including some of the current ones for students to work through in conjunction with the current project that they are working on.