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Evaluation from peers Received after I asked for some feedback on my web page. Hi Matt, Had a quick look at your great website and I am very impressed, but I will need to have a more detailed look in the next few days. One thing I have noticed is that your link to stakeholder […]

Assignment 3

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Learning outcomes. After students have finished this course they will have built on prior knowledge to produce more advanced outcomes. They will provide the building industry with people that can read and interpret drawings. They will be able to make decisions based on sound knowledge and having the ability to communicate at another level.  control and […]

Design Scope two

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Talked to Terry and we had a discussion about further development ideas for my proposed course. If I get the subject and break it down into skill set’s we can later on break these down into stand alone courses. As stand alone courses like the ones on the ausy toolboxes they can be chopped up rather than […]

Development ideas for US 13035

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The unit standard that I want to  enhance the delivery of is US13035. Unit Standard – 13035 Level 4, Credit 4Demonstrate Knowledge of Working Drawings, Specifications and Quantity Lists  Seven guiding Principles Some More Guiding Principles 1.      Carefully choose what type of technology to use to suit the learner and their context. 2.      Have a back […]