Week 1: Contextual Statement

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In the video below I explain why I am interested in digital technology for education (it involves a short story about a broken leg) and the context in which I teach (Okayama University in Japan). Other information My partner (in life and for research), Keiko Sakui and I have written a book chapter on how … Continue reading “Week 1: Contextual Statement”

Major Project Part 1

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I have worked with Prairie Valley School Division for 11 years now.  In that time, I have seen a number of changes take place technologically within our classrooms and across our division.  I currently teach grade 10 – 12 students and use technology in my classroom on a daily basis. This year, our graduating class … Continue reading “Major Project Part 1″

Flexible Learning Spaces: Inclusive by Design? A new article

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A feature of both Ministry of Education policy and those who criticise flexible (‘open plan’) learning environments is to call on physical property features as drivers—for the Ministry, of inclusion, and for the critics, of exclusion. An example of Ministry statements that property features can ensure students are catered for and included, can be found here, while examples of critique, … Continue reading Flexible Learning Spaces: Inclusive by Design? A new article