#XRBootcamp & Showcase

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⚡️ “#XR Showcase & Bootcamp” Latest showcase of projects from the #MESH360 research cluster https://www.researchgate.net/project/MESH360@ToddStretton @caguayoNZ @victoriomartin @Jinhong5849 @aiello_stephen @wilkinson_norm @Srgurr Twitter Moment: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1142979328302407682


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So today I’ll be writing something about coding. I am planning to apply grounded theory to my open-ended questions. I will update on what I have learnt. Hope it will be helpful for others too.  

A struggling student

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I am a second language student struggling to write academically. Therefore, to improve my writing and my research skills, I will try to put in my daily thoughts!

May 2019

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After having a quick look at last month’s post, it is pleasing to say that I have managed to keep to “saying no” to added jobs… …for the most part. I have been mindful that sometimes saying “yes” means the job gets done quicker, and therefore more PhD time. This month has been one of… Continue Reading →