Simulation stress and VR: a surprise for us all.

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Recently, the MESH360 team undertook the second stage of the VR simulator research project. The aim was to investigate and understand Paramedic stress and if this is influenced by VR technology and/or practical simulation. The first iteration of this project was back in 2018 when we provided an emergency ambulance response toward an injured patient. […]

Anxious Attachment

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I discovered that I fall under the anxious attachment category, and the person I like is avoidant. It has been a roller coaster ride. I end up fighting with him every few days because of his lack of attention. This has created problems for both of us. However, I will not give up, and I … Continue reading Anxious Attachment


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Unfortunately, I have not been able to update due to some personal issues. I am working on them and hope to be back soon.