Weak Two – Day 1

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Drafting an abstract The first task is to write an abstract and share it with someone to get their feedback. My current research focuses on three variables: Teamwork, language performance and language anxiety. I am planning to write a journal article focusing on one variable to make it less complicated. I will start writing the … Continue reading Weak Two – Day 1

Goal was to submit the first draft in six months

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My goal was to submit the first complete draft in six months. Below is the timetable I set for my self. You can download one from https://www.ithinkwell.com.au/ I am proud to say that I achieved my goal and submitted the first draft on the 26th of August to my supervisors. I had given only one … Continue reading Goal was to submit the first draft in six months

Things You Can Do to Stop a Shame Spiral

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As a second language student, I have always feared that people will laugh or negatively evaluate me for making mistakes. However, I won’t let this fear stop me from writing publicly as Brene Brown stated “Courage over comfort” This video might help for those in similar situation – Things You Can Do to Stop a … Continue reading Things You Can Do to Stop a Shame Spiral