Unit 4: Image #2 – The Evolving Look of Today’s Classrooms

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  This week’s lesson clicked, literally.  I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by the course, unsure if it was the right fit for me.  I agree with Dylan, I felt refreshed by the format of the lesson.  Then we listened to the podcasts/videos from Bart Cote and Guy Tetrault and it confirmed that I am … Continue reading “Unit 4: Image #2 – The Evolving Look of Today’s Classrooms”

Unit 3:

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Time to share a school-level administrative technology decision/policy/issue. It could be something you initiated, or one you had to deal with from any of the perspectives (student, teacher, parent, administrator, etc), or one you would like to make or would hate to make. You can use the elements of a play I discussed to help … Continue reading “Unit 3:”

Unit 2b: Disruptive Leadership – literature reviews

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Leadership, more or less? ‘Followership is a relational role in which followers have the ability to influence leaders and contribute to the improvement and attainment of the group and organizational objectives. It is primarily a hierarchically upwards influence’ (Carsten et al, 2010: 559).    I really appreciate this quote because I have never thought of … Continue reading “Unit 2b: Disruptive Leadership – literature reviews”