A Revised Abstract

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Since I had a bit more time to work, I decided to revise my abstract. The mistakes I made were: Not including the keywords I wrote as “the purpose of this study was to examine” which is wrong unless you are writing for grants, so I changed it to ” This study presents the results … Continue reading A Revised Abstract

Self-directing individuals

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“self-directing individuals are those who are capable both of carrying on their education and of learning for themselves without the cumbersome apparatus of educational institutions” “It has been asserted that creating ‘self-directed learners’ will improve quality of life, because self-directed learners must inevitably become more self-determining citizens” (Candy, 1991)

Improving my writing skills with the Magna Carta

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I am taking a very curious MOOC with Future Learn, Exploring English: Magna Carta. I want to improve my writing skills and I thought this is an interesting way to deepen my knowledge about the Magna Carta and at the same time improve my writing skills. I am sharing this as I consider the resource can be useful … Continue reading Improving my writing skills with the Magna Carta