Major Project – Finally done and submitted

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Yup,  that’s about how I feel, Comfortably Numb!  I have submitted my final project, commented the required amount of times (although I will keep reading blogs and probably commenting until Thursday because I like to read your thoughts and progress).  I have enjoyed the journey this semester of looking at Google Drive as an ePortfolio … Continue reading “Major Project – Finally done and submitted”

Unit 4: Image #2 – The Evolving Look of Today’s Classrooms

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  This week’s lesson clicked, literally.  I was feeling a bit underwhelmed by the course, unsure if it was the right fit for me.  I agree with Dylan, I felt refreshed by the format of the lesson.  Then we listened to the podcasts/videos from Bart Cote and Guy Tetrault and it confirmed that I am … Continue reading “Unit 4: Image #2 – The Evolving Look of Today’s Classrooms”