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So I have away had a problem with KPI’s (key performance indicators).

However as I grow older I seem to understand that you have to be able to prove and justify the things you do. 

I have been exploring Hootsuite and Tweet deck over the last few days and exploring how I can use them in my teaching. 

After a discussion with a friend (@paramedickiwi) he pointed me in the direction of 

This allows me to track important healthcare hashtags. The main one we using at the moment are #autpara #mesh360 #teamaut #spanz17

What Symplur allows you to do is track and show your reach within twitter. Therefore allows to to show your manager who is talking about what.

Looking forward to reporting back.

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So for the past forty odd years I have been kidding myself that size doesn’t really matter. I’ve been more than happy with who I am and what I have. That is until recently! A colleague and I have  just been given a 12.9″ iPad Pro. And so what I hear you say. After all its been around for some time now and it is even mooted that the iPad Pro 2 will soon be released. In addition to this I don’t really prescribe to all the Apple Hype. Sure they are great products and sure they do what they are supposed to do. But for me that is where it ends. Anyone that knows me will tell you that value for money in addition to technical ability are key. This over the asthetic fashionista’s that cling to the Apple logo like they are the one’s who actually took the bite out of the Apple. Anyway, I have now had a chance to play with the iPad and if I’m honest……I think I really like it. Its nice to touch, has a quality feel and the large screen has excellent clarity and functionality. On the down side, and being the person I am, I don’t really like the fact that I have to pay for any App of interest?

I have to say one more thing, this is actually the second iPad I have owned (used) and the previous one was a first get iPad mini, and what a load of rubbish this was. Small, slow and cumbersome (a bit like me). Anyway, with my new iPad Pro 12.9″ (and the .9″ makes all the difference) I now feel sorry for all the iPad mini, iPad, or even small iPad Pro users out there.

So to conclude, Size does matter and to those with the “other, smaller, inadequate iPads out there………..who’s the daddy now!

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You are here!  Like a Google Map – my course prototype is finally complete for this course.  I say it is complete, but is it really ever complete? I know that I am a lifelong learner, and that I am never done learning or changing.  This is true of my course prototype – I designed this to be used in a current class. While I am fully aware that once I have officially submitted this assignment, I will want to change it as I stumble upon a new/better form of technology to introduce within my module, something that will allow for a better learning experience for my students.

Just like Logan posted, there have been a vast amount of emotions that I have gone through while designing this course module.  I have felt empowered and defeated all at once as I have my students providing continuous feedback – this may be unique to some of my classmates whom have not had this opportunity.  But what I have learned is that with the feeling of temporarily defeat I was able to produce a much better product.  Will this product be to the same quality level of someone with the video editing skills of Andres?  No – but that is okay, my course is designed for what my current need is at this time.

While this course has flown by – it feels like we were just introduced to the idea of creating a course module.  One thing is for sure, I AM EXHAUSTED.


I did not take into account how time consuming creating a blended/online course would be. I am much quicker at creating quality content now than I was in the beginning of the course, maybe because I am comfortable with the platform and the tools that I have used. I have developed a great appreciation for tools such as Screencastify, Smore and  MySimpleShow as they have allowed me (a not so creative person) to add creativity to my course. Although I own a Macbook Air (not a paid endorsement, lol!) – I really have not played that much with iMovie – not because I do not want to, I honestly feel that I do not have the time right now as I feel that once I begin playing around, I will loose track of time! 

I finally understand how my students feel when I come into class saying – “hey I learned something new in class last night and thought we would try it”.  Sometimes it can literally be information overload!  But for now, I feel satisfied with what I have completed (for the time being).


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Environmental Science 20 Advanced Placement is a course targeted at students in grade 11 that have successfully completed Science 10 AP or Science 10 regular stream with a high mark and above average work ethic.  I have focused this module on the Soils unit, specifically looking at Biogeochemical Cycles and Productivity, focusing on:

Outcome TE1 (Analyze the importance of soils as an integral component terrestrial ecosystems)  

Indicator h (recognize the role and diversity of organisms found within soil environments)  

Indicator i (discuss the role of soil in biogeochemical cycling, including carbon storage and nitrogen fixation, nitrification and denitrification).  

Students refer to this course syllabus to familiarize themselves with the course and the mark breakdown for the course.

NOTE: I have created an entire unit for this my ES20AP class, but am focusing this assignment on slides 37-50 of the unit only.

The format of this course is mainly asynchronous online with a blended connotation – the students are assigned one hour per day in which the students work on their own with their laptops at the back of my classroom- they can ask questions if they need clarification and I will help (I teach regular Environmental Science 20 at the same time as ES20AP during the day, which explains the need for this type of course).  We also have a one hour weekly meeting on Tuesday before school begins (7:45 – 8:45), this meeting is dedicated to those students only in ES20AP and is designed to take place when there are no distractions from anyone or anything – this allows for an intensive face to face meeting.

For this class, we utilize Canvas LMS and have been using all of it’s applications.  Students are expected to complete unit assignments within the unit time frame.  The students utilize the class calendar to inform them of their unit start dates and exam dates.  Exams are written in person during their scheduled class time. Students access modules on Canvas, the modules have been created using Google Slides which have hyperlinks for Google Docs embedded within it as well as the required videos for viewing.  Students are also directed towards EdPuzzle,  this website has allowed me to create questions that compliment the videos that I have chosen to have the students watch.  The students scores are recorded on the program itself and I take their marks as an assignment.  Students are also asked to watch videos that I have created using Screencastify and answer questions to these by creating a MySimpleshow video.  The students are required to access the Google collaborative document (either on the module itself or through the collaboration feature of Canvas) to insert their groups hyperlink to their MySimpleshow.  During our one hour meeting we will watch and discuss these videos.

Students can communicate with me via email within Canvas or they can begin a class discussion (in person or on Canvas).  I do find that since we have a dedicated hour per day in class they will ask each other questions during that time period.  If there is anything else that comes up, they ask their questions during our weekly morning meeting.   Students are required to hand in all assignment via the email option in Canvas.  This option allows me to mark their assignments in Word or Google Docs, return them to the student, and archive the emails for future needs.