Catch up on Carnival Land

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My Auckland University of Technology (AUT) master’s project, the graphic novel Carnival Land, was exhibited for three weeks at Satellite Gallery. I showed my book and 10 of the illustrations as prints (2m x 60cm). Sold six right away. AUT also bought 3 prints. The graphic novel Carnival Land Satellite Gallery Opening of Carnival Land at […]

Dave’s Moodle 2 File Adventures

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Because I am getting questions a lot now that Unitec is going to upgrade to Moodle 2, and one of the questions I get is around the files area (or lack thereof). Here are two little slideshows I think you should watch if you are struggling to under…

Quiet on the western front

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Yep, it’s been all quiet in here. I think I detect an echo, and maybe some tumble weeds. This is my usual thing where I only get around to posting if I’m really procrastinating doing something else (which at the moment is writing my NaNoWriMo nove…


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Evaluation from peers Received after I asked for some feedback on my web page. Hi Matt, Had a quick look at your great website and I am very impressed, but I will need to have a more detailed look in the next few days. One thing I have noticed is that your link to stakeholder […]