Tracking if it works.

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So I have away had a problem with KPI’s (key performance indicators). However as I grow older I seem to understand that you have to be able to prove and justify the things you do.  I have been exploring Hootsuite and Tweet deck over the last few days and exploring how I can use them … Continue reading Tracking if it works.

You Are Here!

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You are here!  Like a Google Map – my course prototype is finally complete for this course.  I say it is complete, but is it really ever complete? I know that I am a lifelong learner, and that I am never done learning or changing.  This is true of my course prototype – I designed … Continue reading “You Are Here!”

Course Profile

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Environmental Science 20 Advanced Placement is a course targeted at students in grade 11 that have successfully completed Science 10 AP or Science 10 regular stream with a high mark and above average work ethic.  I have focused this module on the Soils unit, specifically looking at Biogeochemical Cycles and Productivity, focusing on: Outcome TE1 … Continue reading “Course Profile”