You Are Here!

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You are here!  Like a Google Map – my course prototype is finally complete for this course.  I say it is complete, but is it really ever complete? I know that I am a lifelong learner, and that I am never done learning or changing.  This is true of my course prototype – I designed … Continue reading “You Are Here!”

Course Profile

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Environmental Science 20 Advanced Placement is a course targeted at students in grade 11 that have successfully completed Science 10 AP or Science 10 regular stream with a high mark and above average work ethic.  I have focused this module on the Soils unit, specifically looking at Biogeochemical Cycles and Productivity, focusing on: Outcome TE1 … Continue reading “Course Profile”

For Every Closed Door, Another Opens

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This is the third class that I have taken from Alec and Katia, therefore I am comfortable with the openness of these classes – now that is!  I wasn’t always comfortable (and at times, while I feel comfortable, I still do not feel that I have the confidence), but have learned to embrace the lack … Continue reading “For Every Closed Door, Another Opens”

Geotagging around the world

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This week’s  task included positioning a personal point of interest onto a collaborative Google Map. An easier exercise for me, as was somewhat familiar with the idea about layers and positioning the “pin” as used Maps to let people know where we were when overseas last year. Can see potential in the use of this when… Continue Reading →

First Tweeting “Vine”…

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“Six second intro video…”- how hard can that be? Thinking of myself as being fairly familiar with other forms of digital technology, did not think that this would be too difficult. The set up of Twitter did not take too long as was guided through the mobile app. However, the video itself took some getting… Continue Reading →